High-Precision Machining<


Prototyping is a crucial stage in the process of manufacturing high-precision CNC machined parts. It involves creating a preliminary version or sample of the desired part before full-scale production. Prototyping serves as a valuable step to test and refine the design, ensure the part meets all specifications and identify any potential issues or improvements before mass production begins.

At DEKA, we understand the significance of prototyping in delivering exceptional precision parts to our clients.

Our commitment to prototyping enables us to deliver the highest quality CNC machined parts for even the most demanding industries, such as Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Wire and Cable, Automotive and more.

For 25 years, DEKA has been producing first article parts for many corporate companies in need of prototyping. During the production of the first article, it is very important to communicate with the customer in every step and involve the quality department in this very important process. Using Ppaps is also a must in the critical time. Once the sample is being accepted by the customer, the production process of DEKA becomes a stable serial production.

Prototyping Photos