Thermal Spray Coating

Thermal Spray Coating

Thermal spray coating is a process that sprays coating materials using the pressure of a high-heat gas. The material then bonds to the surface, forming a coating that grants properties such as corrosion protection, thermal resistance, environmental protection, lubricity, wear resistance, and electrical/thermal conductivity.

In today's industrial settings, it is common for components to face challenging environments that cause them to wear down, erode, get scratched, or corrode over time. To protect these parts and extend their lifespan, they require coatings that act as a shield. There are various methods available for applying coatings, but thermal spray coating has gained significant popularity due to its speed and versatility. It is chosen because it allows for the quick application of coatings while offering flexibility in terms of the materials that can be used.

DEKA is dedicated to offer the best technical surface solutions in the industry for most components and parts. And the ultimate result lies in choosing the best combination of the coating technology and the composition of the coating powders.

Every application has to be analyzed for proper function, operating conditions, and technical requirements. It is important to analyze these conditions before coming up with the ideal substance of the body itself and the best alloy of the coating to be applied. This is what DEKA has done for many years.

Each body shape and structure has to be produced according to the correct specifications received from the customer; since it is very important to be able to control the entire manufacturing process from start to finish. DEKA, therefore, produces all parts in-house, starting from the raw material up to the final finishing. All parts are manufactured by DEKA in-house and shipped directly to its customers.

DEKA always analyzes the working condition of the parts and offers the ultimate material for a wide range of coatings for metals that are ferrous and non-ferrous.

To ensure the quality of the coating, one of the most important steps is surface preparation. A well-prepared surface is essential to obtain a good bonding quality between the substrate and the coating.

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