Regardless of the industry, ensuring product quality is of utmost importance, especially if your customers are global corporate companies using high technology. At DEKA, we understand the significance of meeting customer expectations, trade standards, and industry regulations. To achieve this, DEKA has implemented a rigorous quality control process using various measuring instruments and tools to inspect the CNC machined parts manufactured in our machine park.

DEKA has been audited by many worldwide corporate companies, including corporate 500 companies and succeeded to get the best results among its European competitors concerning the quality, the documentation, the export process and the on-time delivery of the parts shipped to Europe.

At the quality control department, DEKA has all necessary measurement equipment to measure the parts including CMM (coordinate measurement machine), Formtracer, XRF (to make sure DEKA uses the suitable raw material), 2D projection, micrometers, surface hardness tester, surface roughness tester, balancing machine and an automatic pull-off adhesion gauge to test the bonding of the coating.

The customers of DEKA have always been welcome to apply tests and create first articles or prototypes in order to give their decision concerning the ultimate part they need. DEKA is proud to say that its facility has received ISO 9001:2015 certification for its commitment to quality. And also DEKA has completed all obligations to get an ISO 16949 and is in the process to apply for it.

Quality Photos